Natural disasters; they happen swiftly and suddenly, oftentimes leaving our homes badly damaged or destroyed. All is not lost, however; The Ministry offers a grant of $15,000 to provide immediate assistance in repairing or constructing a temporary shelter for families.

To be considered for this grant, you must write to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, detailing the nature of the incident and the number of persons who have been displaced by the hazard.

Applicants will need to attach the following relevant documents to support their claim:


Emergency Report

A report from the responding agency (Fire, Police Services, Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management, and/or Regional Corporation)


Copies of relevant documents proving legal land tenure

Personal Documents

Copy of National Identification or Birth Certificate

Cost Estimate

Estimate of the repairs to be done

The grant reduces the physical and emotional distress that may be experienced by persons in ill-fated circumstances and helps maintain the nation’s existing housing stock by reducing the number of houses lost annually to disasters and the resulting demand for new houses.

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